Liz Phelps Studios

Our creative team carefully selected each detail to not only attract but engage both mobile and desktop users.

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools in 2020. According to Marketing Sherpa, videos can increase monthly unique visitors by 200%. With this in mind, our creative team dedicated the Home page to a feature video highlighting the texture and vibrancy of Liz’s art. It is a succinct way to increase search engine traffic, show her artwork, and entice users to click through to the art galleries.

The Meet the Artist page highlights Liz’s favorite quote to show an insight into her personality, along with her personal artist journey.

In order to capture the breadth of her artwork, we utilized 4 art galleries, one for each collection. Users can browse the sizing, price, and titles with a link to email to purchase. A separate sold page features testimonies from customers and a gallery of all sold pieces. The goal of the sold gallery is to show Liz’s range of abilities available for commissions. We also featured further information on commissions on the Contact page, together with a newsletter sign up form.

Target Audience

Art Buyers in St. Petersburg

Our Work

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