DTSP, St. Pete, Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams


From Fortune 500 to start-ups, Lisa is at the forefront of brand strategy. With serious passion, a genuine love for her work, and years of expertise in the industry, her leadership drives success. Philanthropic and curious, Lisa travels and gives often. She’ll probably change the world some day, but first, coffee.

Amy Alexander

Creative Director

Amy is a recent U.S. citizen, originating from Scotland. She studied Leadership and Psychology at University of Richmond Virginia and loves event planning, graphic design, photography, and film production. Her interests are vast including fashion, snow skiing, cooking, video games, and crafting. She’s (her words) obsessed with orcas, and has seen the documentary ‘Blackfish’ at least 8 times. At Evolve & Co, Amy’s a creative powerhouse.

Lizzie Desrosiers

Senior Brand Manager

Lizzie is the consummate PR professional as well as a USF alumni with a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship. Lizzie is integral in the success of Evolve & Co's campaign and content development, as well as heading up our Public Relations department where her altruism shines. In her personal life, she's a fashionista and goal digger. Get it, girl!

Allyson Tays

Web Developer

Allyson is a nature enthusiast, dog mother of 1, ukulelist, and wants to save the world from bad design. She brings 14 years design experience to the team and when she's not designing, she finds herself in dance-offs, bake-offs, karaoke competitions or anything competitive in nature. She believes in designing a world that's thoughtful, adventurous and aesthetically pleasing.

Robin Bakker Brand Management Intern

Robin Bakker

Brand Manager

Robin joins Evolve & Co from the University of Tampa where she's majoring in Journalism with a minor in Communications. Upon graduation, she plans to enter the exciting field of Sports Broadcasting. Robin is a St. Louis transplant, an avid sports fan (she's been playing soccer for 18 years) and says she never starts a day without coffee.

Nadine Pignotti

Brand Manager

Hailing from Venezuela where she spent her first 19 years, Nadine is trilingual, loves to travel, and has a blog devoted entirely to food. With her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations and Minor in Graphic Design, she brings her talents to the creative department at Evolve & Co.

Victoria Lawrence Design Intern

Victoria Lawrence

Graphic Designer

Victoria is an Integrated Public Relations & Advertising major at the University of South Florida. At Evolve & Co, she'll be working on our creative team to extend her knowledge of graphic design. Victoria plays the guitar and has a love for alternative music citing the Aces as her favorite band. When she's not collecting movie posters, she's rooting on our Tampa Bay Lightning!

Amber Batten

Brand Ambassador

Amber joins us from the University of South Florida. She is majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in advertising. Amber aspires to get her masters in digital marketing. She loves cooking, reading, painting, and is wrapping up her bachelor's degree in France this Summer.

Courtney Cadogan

Brand Ambassador

As our resident copywriter, Courtney is all about creating compelling content. Florida born & raised, she loves to write. Her writings have been published in the Crow's Nest as well as USF's Housing & Residential Education social media page. Her motto: "Love what you do, and you'll never work another day in your life."

Brielle Dougherty

Brand Ambassador

With a die-hard love for baseball, this Sports and Entertainment Marketing major has plans for the big leagues. A native Floridian, Brielle loves the Mets, kayaking, and reading at the beach. At Evolve & Co, she's a social-media queen with quick wit and an eye for detail.