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In todays world, creative marketing strategies have been slowly degrading over time. According to the article, “Fixing the Crisis in Creative Effectiveness and Challenging Mediocracy” by Charlotte Rogers, advertising has lost its humanity and its ability to entertain, this latest publication from the IPA chronicles the decline in creative effectiveness and seeks to provide tangible solutions to reverse it. Certain people believe that advertising is heading to mediocrity or already has become mediocre but some people still have a sense of hope. When it comes to creative inadequacies, Orlando Wood has started a chain of brain studies to combat the problem. According to Orlando , short-termism and a general narrowing of focus have resulted in work that is “flat, abstract, dislocated and devitalised”, meaning advertising no longer moves people. Over time people don’t really care much for advertising as much as before causing negative effects to the advertising industry in the United States and the rest of the world.

The Problem With Ads Today :

In the days before there was the internet and digital magazines and webpages , agencies and creative directors set the standard for the cultural agenda of our society. According to the article, “The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads,” advertising agencies now have more access than ever before to data because of the internet. Most of these internet users, however, are young people who don’t like ads very much. Today most companies don’t know how to re- engage those young people without them refusing to look at ads. A few start up companies have begun to compensate consumers who look at their ads to effectively engage consumers. According to the article, many companies have decided to use in house advertising instead of the traditional agencies.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rates On Your Ads :

Small companies with new ads are often confused as to why their ads are not working as well as they thought they would. According to the article, “How to Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Ads,” it’s best to always emphasize the importance of a good headline. Next, show the consumer/customer how your product/service will improve their lives. Lastly, you must offer the consumer unique features alongside solutions that also solve the consumer’s problems.

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